My name is Ed (Polecat) Polstein. 
I have over 40 years as a Law Enforcement / 
Military weapons Instructor.

I retired as a N.Y.P.D Anti-Crime Police Officer working the projects of Harlem and the 
Lower East side of Manhattan. 
I was a street cop working Plain Clothes, and I've been involved in many shootings.

More about myself.

I have all this knowledge and past experiences
to bring to each student.

The Fee for this course $450
that includes range fee.
Fee must be paid in full prior 
to the start of the curse.

FEE IS REFUNDABLE minus a $250 deposit
Unforeseen Circumstances may apply 
for full refund.

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Course dates are listed on the 
Course Calendar  

Polecat Security Testing, LTD is a
NYS Department of Criminal Justice
registered training school 

New York State Conceal Carry “CCW” 18 Hour Firearm Safety Training